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March 03, 2005

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For those who are interested in logic, but are not affiliated with a university, it can be quite expensive to keep up with things. After all, journal subscription prices are often out of the reach of individuals. The purpose of this post is to point out some options for individuals. Many are free, but you'll go a lot further by spending a little bit.

Of course, on the sidebar of this blog, are links to electronic resources which make their papers /articles available for free. This is a good thing. It promotes wider and faster dissemination of results. I'll briefly describe each of these below.

Australasian Journal of Logic: This is managed by the philosophy department at The University of Melbourne and is edited by Greg Restall. It is fully refereed and freely available and seeks to cover the breadth of modern pure and applied logic. Currently, the majority of the articles deal with philosophical logic.

ACM Transactions on Computational Logic: This is obviously put out by the Association for Computing Machinery. As such, its focus is predominantly computational. However, given the nature of the subject, many articles should be of interest to philosophical logicians as well. For instance, both proof theory and modal logic have philosophical and computational branches. While the concerns of each area are often quite distinct, one gets a fuller picture of the area by "seeing how the other half lives". The articles here are usually of a rather technical nature.

Bulletin of Symbolic Logic: This is put out quarterly by the Association for Symbolic Logic. It contains many helpful book and article reviews as well as many good expository papers. It is well worth browsing through the archives. While you are at it, why not join the association? As well as your very own print version of the bulletin, you recieve the Journal of Symbolic Logic and significantly reduced subscription rates for the Journal of Philosophical Logic. If you are a student, they also provide some funding support for attending ASL affiliated conferences. This is a major preprint server. By sending an email to with the body 'add LO' (without the quotes), you can receive updates on mathematical logic related preprints daily to your email address. By sending a message with the same body to, you can sign up for computational logic as well.

The European Association for Theoretical Computer Science publishes a quarterly bulletin. It contains many interesting columns. For computational logicians, the logic in computer science, formal specification, computational complexity and formal language theory columns often contain interesting nuggets. You do need to pay an annual membership fee, but the bulletin is more than worth it (often running to a few hundred pages!). The sister publication, published by the ACM, is the Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory News. It has recently rekindled its logic in computer science column. The two organisations currently have a reciprocal arrangement, whereby you receive a discount if you join both. Oh and if, like me, you live outside of Europe and/or the US, it is well worth spending the little bit extra for airmail.

An interesting quirk with the above publications is something that Richard Zach has mentioned in his blog. That is, Europeans seem to be a lot keener on logic than Americans. That is, American theoretical computer science tends to be very combinatorial, whereas its European counterpart is often a lot more logical. One certainly gets this impression when reading both publications.

Finally, there is a very good free online magazine devoted to philosophical logic and its applications: PhiNews.


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