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June 02, 2005

Logic Down Under

The deadline is fast approaching for submissions to this year's Australasian Association for Logic Conference. Paper abstracts need to be in by July 24, with the conference being held September 24 -- 25 in Perth (my home town!). The early deadline is partly because the conference is sponsored by the ASL, with abstracts appearling in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic. This also means that I need to decide what I want to speak on pretty soon!

This conference immediately precedes the Australian Mathematical Society Annual Conference. Among the special sessions this year are three of interest to the logically minded: Logic, Algebra and Mathematics of Computation. Abstract deadlines for the AustMS meeting are not available yet, but will most likely be late August.

It is a pity that this year's Victorian Algebra Conference has been scheduled to coincide with the AAL conference, so I won't be able to attend both. Monday of this conference does not clash with the AAL though and has the theme of groups and combinatorics, which was lots of fun last year.

However, with the coupling of the AAL and AustMS meetings, it means that the organisers have been able to pursuade some international speakers to come along, including Heinrich Wansing, Michael Zakharyaschev, Andreas Weiermann and Angus MacIntyre.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jon

thanks for supplying interesting stuff on the web.
Concerning Logic Down Under just some
additional information: My current page is found under
The older one is not updated since 2003
Best regards,

Andreas Weiermann (correct spelling with two n's) 

Posted by Andreas Weiermann

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Andreas, I have corrected your details. Also, for anyone reading this, note that the AAL submission date is now 24 July. 

Posted by Jon

10:05 AM  

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