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October 10, 2005

Neo Conference Blogging

I have arrived back in Canberra after attending the AAL and AustMS conferences, both of which were lots of fun. While I had planned on partaking in some live conference blogging, this proved too much when coupled with going to talks, giving talks, chatting with fellow conference attendees, eating with fellow conference attendees, drinking with fellow conference attendees....oh and sleeping.

One thing that I could do is to give a summary of the conferences based on the notes that I scrawled and the handouts that were...uh...handed out. I'm not sure how valuable this would be and I would be sure to give short thrift to talks that were too far from my core interests. Not to mention the other worries brought up a while ago over at

So, I have decided on an alternative style of conference blogging. I will make a series of posts describing various things that I learned about at the conferences, either in official talks or unofficial chats. If I can hunt down relevant articles (preferably online), I'll point to those too. I will try to make an effort to convey the intentions of the official talks, but will not have qualms about going off on a tangent. I will also make no attempt to give a complete overview of the conferences, focusing instead on those aspects that I understood the best. In all, I think this approach is more suited to my blogging style, in as much as I have one.

Subject to other constraints, I will try and make one post a day until I run out of conference topics to talk about and return to my usual posting rate of every week or so. This time I will keep to my blogging promise. Pinky swear!


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