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July 14, 2005


Both Kenny Easwaran (Antimeta) and Gillian Russell ( were at ANU this week. Gillian was game enough to lead a NotYASS session, despite only arriving in Canberra the same day (if you'll pardon my colloquialism, on ya Gil!). At any rate, here is a pic of the three of us. Unfortunately, we couldn't seem to agree what camera to look at (maybe their pictures fared better)...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, y'all got serious red eye. Probably not just jetlag.  

Posted by Richard Zach

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right, we'd had a bit to drink by then.

(I think "on me" too, but I hereby confess that I had already spent a week in Australia before I flew to Canberra, and the jetlag for the 1hr flight from Melbourne is not as bad as the jetlag from Hell.) 

Posted by Gillian Russell

7:06 PM  

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